The Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA) was first registered as a Trade Union in 1963 to represent Pilots and Flight Engineers employed by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.  Our constructive engagement with the Company continues to deliver beneficial agreement on issues of importance to all Cathay Pacific Pilots. 

Currently, we have over 2000 members who are based in Hong Kong, Europe New Zealand and North America.            

Press Release 03 December 2014

Contract Compliance by Cathay Pacific Pilots’ Union

03 December, Hong Kong SAR-The General Committee of the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA) has elected to direct their members to perform their duties according to the conditions of their contract and in strict compliance with all applicable Laws and Regulations. This action was taken after the union was unable to reach agreement with management on pay.  Effective 04 December 2014, the pilot members, who are based in Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States, will be instructed to perform their assigned duties in strict conformance with their existing conditions of service.

“It is unfortunate that a year of negotiations has brought us to this point”, said Chris Beebe, General Secretary of the HKAOA. “The HKAOA looks forward to resuming talks with management for a fairer, more equitable agreement on pay” he said.

The pilot membership of the HKAOA authorised the General Committee to take this step by a 92% approval vote. The HKAOA represents over 2,000 Cathay Pacific pilots.

Media contact:

Chris Beebe, HKAOA General Secretary


香港航空機組人員協會(Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association)理事會決定啟動按章工作,呼籲會員嚴格根據合約條件執行職務及嚴格遵守一切所適用的法律及條例。此行動是因應工會與公司未能就工資達成協議所引致的。從2014年12月4日起,以香港、紐西蘭及美國為基地的機師,將會按指示以嚴格跟隨合約條款的方式執行職務。

本會秘書長Mr. Chris Beebe表示:這實在是不幸,經過一年的談判竟然行到此一步!工會仍然期望與管理層恢復談判,以達致一個公正、公正的加薪協議。


傳媒聯絡:秘書長Mr. Chris Beebe  ( )



AOA Group

HKAOA is one of two trade unions in the AOA Group representing the pilots of Cathay Pacific.  Australia AOA represents pilots based in Australia.


To liaise with the Company and other institutions on behalf of the Membership. To strive for the enhancement of life for Aircrew to the mutual benefit of Members and Cathay Pacific Airways.

The main Objectives of the Association are:
  • To Protect and further the interests of the Aircrew Profession and to safeguard and improve the interests and rights of Members of the Association.
  • To take any lawful action deemed desirable for the benefit and advancement of Members and their families.
  • To take any lawful action deemed desirable to further the interests of Aviation.
  • To regulate the relations between Members and their employers.
  • To secure unity of action, in order to protect and further the interests of Members.